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Board and Leadership

Chestnut Health Systems' Board of Directors

Mary Ann Webb, Chairperson
Laura Haas, Vice Chairperson
James Foley, Secretary
Eliazar Mendiola, Treasurer
Angela Allen
Vic Armstrong, Jr.
Al Bowman
Patrick Busch
Don Hammer
Judy Neubrander
Dennis Wilmsmeyer
George Wood

Chestnut Family Health Center's Executive Leadership

David A. Sharar, Chief Executive Officer
Victoria Brockhouse, D.O., Medical Director
Laurie Holdener, Corporate Director of Quality Management
Jeffrey Koski, Director of Management Information Systems
Dietra Kulicke, Executive Director of Chestnut Family Health Center
Puneet Leekha, J.D., Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Karen S. Rettick, Chief Financial Officer

Chestnut Family Health Center’s Management Team

Victoria Brockhouse, D.O., Medical Director
Dietra Kulicke, Executive Director
Meg Backas, Behavioral Health Coordinator
Chantel Bailey, Granite City Business Manager
Tory Dahmm, CFHC Quality Improvement Manager
Pam Kouri, Integrated Health Care Coordinator
Tammy Osborn, Bloomington Nurse Coordinator
Stephanie Paxton, Bloomington Business Manager
Bobbie Tetidrick, Granite City Nurse Coordinator

If you feel that you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to one of the local hospital Emergency Departments.